Success is Shaped Today

Lasting, concrete preconditions for future success are shaped today. With the help of data, architecture, business design and service design, we want to help your organisation recognise its current state of business. Understanding and intelligence is found within the organisation itself, within the industry and within the market. We combine these with global changes and trends.

Futures thinking done today ensures continuous futures work. Through it, you can find the necessary measures already affecting the present moment and building the future of the organisation.

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What Does Your Organisation’s Future Look Like?

We have developed systematic operating models for our customers in order to take control of an uncertain, difficult-to-grasp future, together with us. We call the operating model Future Creation.

In the model, we are assisted by futures research methods, data science, profound understanding of business and its processes, use of technology, as well as broad planning.

The Aspects We Combine

Understanding human behaviour, needs and their changes.

Understanding operational environments, business models, strategy and their changes.

Understanding of the opportunities of using technology and data

Future Creation - Steps of Futures Work


Unfolding Futures Thinking

Our goal is to direct thinking towards the future. We understand the impact that the surrounding world, along with changes and trends, has on our actions.
How can we prepare for future changes?


Auditing the Current State

With auditing, we can recognise the current state of your organisation up close. This allows us to identify the most important development targets and opportunities to change and develop.


Innovating the Future

In futures work, we portray future scenarios and take different types of horizons into account. Time-wise, we take account of the present, the near future as well as the next 5-10 years ahead of us. This way, we can better understand the future challenges and opportunities of our operational environment.


Turning Futures Thinking Into Concrete Actions

After achieving deep understanding and finding future direction, it is time to move over to action. The changing environment must also be taken into consideration in operative work.

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