Delivering Insightful and Relevant Solutions

We help you combine your business, technology, people and processes in forward-looking ways.

Salesforce is a platform that enables success for you and your customers. But only when it is done right. The best customer experience can be provided only when your technology, processes and the people are tied together in a way that allows you to serve your customer with relevant content, in the right place, at a right time.

Salesforce -kumppani suomessa | AmbientiaWe want you and your customers to get the best value for your Salesforce investment.

Our insightful expert team will optimize your business processes and build solutions that drive both business and people.

Our Experience

  • 40+ Years of combined Salesforce experience
  • 150+ Completed Salesforce projects
  • 22 Salesforce certificates

Now is the time for you to act

Today’s world, which is ruled by constant change, availability and need for personalization, all companies should be able to adapt fast and provide relevant service and content in preferred channels to customers whether they are a consumer or a business.

Relevant for your business

You probably want your Salesforce ecosystem to serve your business and your customers. We embrace your expertise in your own business, add our experience and knowledge to the recipe, and come up with solutions that seem tailormade for you.

Providing value for customers and users

Technology investments can give you value only when people use them. For us, Salesforce is never only a system. It’s a tool that should help your people work efficiently and shine in customer interactions. Eventually the system should give you more than you give to it. Our team knows what it takes to design and build an intuitive guiding tool and how to get people adopt it.

Building scalable solutions following the best practices

Salesforce allows you to build and maintain your business processes in many different ways. You might think, it does not matter how it’s built as long as it works. In order to have a scalable system that allows you to benefit from Salesforce’s future innovations, the design, data model and other building blocks are crucial. Our seasoned team’s objective is to make sure your solution utilizes Salesforce standards and follows the best practices.

For us, Salesforce is never only a system. It’s a tool that should help your people work efficiently and shine in customer interactions.


Here is how we can help you

Our strength and customer value lie in our long experience with Salesforce ecosystem. We provide end-to-end ability to design and implement solutions, processes and services that drive your business and delight your people.

Implementation and Integration

Salesforce enables end-to-end solutions for your business. Our Salesforce implementation and integration services cover scoping and discovery, planning and piloting, process and technical design as well as implementation and testing.

Advisory Services

It’s not always about building solutions. We’ve got you covered also when you want to develop your Salesforce-roadmap, brainstorm, design and improve your business processes, audit your current system or evaluate future investments. We can also provide a Lead Functional Consultant as a service to work in your project.

Activation Marketing Operations

We want you to take the most out of your digital investments to the Salesforce Customer Success platform by identifying all the digital growth opportunities and bottlenecks within your Salesforce ecosystem. Your customers are expecting a unified personalized customer experience by receiving the right content, in the right channel at the right time. We want to implement all the use cases following a structured framework allowing us not only to get quick wins but generate growth in the long run.

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