We are Ambientia


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The Future Creation Company – a specialist in business, design and technology

We Help Companies Identify and Solve Challenges in a Time Characterised by Quick, Continuous Change.

We combine business, data, research, design and technology in a way that helps companies survive in keen competition in the future. We care and make sure that the success of our customers will not be prevented by sudden changes in the operating environment and that people are not forgotten.

Facts About Ambientia

Great Place to Work

As a proof of a good workplace, we are a certified Great Place to Work 2019 company. Ambientia already has more than 200 employees.


We have run a business since 1996. We already have six offices in Finland.


Certified experts and close partner relations e.g. for Magento, Liferay, Atlassian and Red Hat technologies.

How Can We Help?