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“We really appreciate the fact that Ambientia has actively introduced its own ideas and helped us understand what has been done in other sectors in eCommerce.”

Juha Lehiö

eCommerce Manager


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Software Development

Ways of work and operational environments are undergoing constant change. Driven by analytics, we work with our customers to develop new types of services that respond quickly to change.

Service Design

Service design is not just a creative process, but requires data collection and analysis. No service can be improved or made more efficient without understanding how customers experience it.

Agile Cloud Services for Companies

Modern, scalable cloud solutions allow for flexible digital working environments and ways of developing business.


eCommerce and digital selling are a challenge for many companies. With the help of an expert, you can set up and expand your online store by using leading solutions on the market, flexibly and customised according to your needs.

Application Life-cycle Management (ALM)

In modern ALM, software development is seen as a continuous project that will last throughout the application lifecycle. After the application has been published, the work will continue in the form of maintenance and upgrading. The project will continue until the program is no longer in use.

Service Management

Good service management ensures that internal and external service requests are handled efficiently. It is a key part of the day-to-day running of a business and an enabler of a good customer experience.

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