- Customer-oriented service from the initial concept to technical implementation

    Skip to page content is the first car dealership in Finland where you can actually buy a car online. All steps of buying a car can be smoothly taken care of online. 

    The company developed its online store with Ambientia, all the way from the initial concept. Ambientia assisted the company in both building the concept, as well as in all technical solutions.

    ”All you need can be taken care of online. If the customer wishes, we can also deliver the car to their home"
    Juha Lehiö, eCommerce Manager,


    Ambientia involved from the very beginning

    ”They have been involved in this right from the initial concept, so we have already been collaborating for many years,” Lehiö says.

    ”The most recent major effort took place at the beginning of this year when we moved over from Magento’s online store to this type of micro service architecture. It is a good solution for us, because we require a degree of customisability from an online store. Micro solutions were the best solution for this,” Lehiö continues.

    Better opportunities for agile development

    The concept of has been quite bold and innovative in the car dealership field. Ambientia has helped the company build the online store concept and in all technical solutions required by the concept.

    ”We really appreciate the fact that Ambientia has actively introduced its own ideas and helped us understand what has been done in other sectors in eCommerce,” Lehiö says.

    ”Thanks to the new online store platform, we now have much better opportunities for quick development. At the same time, we have flexible opportunities to carry out different types of campaigns quicker than before,” Lehiö concludes.



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